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Services of TOPTEST

Do you need assistance in creating a test program?


Program developments of TOPTEST

You are looking for a LabVIEW-solution for a test problem?

LabVIEW is an excellent development environment for all areas of measurement technology. We have extensive experience here and can help with your test problems. Using the LabVIEW programming language, we develop VIs (Virtual Instruments) that can be easily integrated into TestStand.

You are looking for a solution to a software problem?

Using hardware-oriented programming languages such as C# and LabVIEW, we develop integrations of control and measurement components.
We also develop DLLs, .NET Assemblies and AIDE libraries.

Do you want to expand your test system?

additional hardware

Additional Test Hardware

Creation of test-specific PCBs using Eagle

  • Development of additional hardware components in our company
  • Design, development and layout of circuit boards with subsequent external production
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards
  • Creation of additional circuitry for test fixtures

You're encountering test problems?




We can provide manpower resources for the development and debugging of in-circuit and functional test programs, also on site at your facility.


There are often many changes in the course of a product life. TOPTEST supports you after completion of a project and can adapt the test environment to the current requirements.

Spare Parts

If you need replacements for test components, please contact us. we have a large number of test cards for the series 52xx and 5300.

Replacement / Repair

We can provide fast support in the case of system failures to keep your downtime to a minimum. We can replace defective components in your system, minimising production stoppage.

Used test cards and test systems

From our many years of experience with Aeroflex 52xx and 5300 we have a large number of spare cards used in these systems. We can also provide used test systems such as Aeroflex 52xx and 5300.

You need training in Test software and/or hardware?


Instruction and Training

We offer training on our fixtures and test programs, also on the test system itself. This training can take place at TOPTEST or at your site on your test system.

Training Content

  • General testability
  • Product-specific testability
  • Tester configuration / bus system
  • Fixturing
  • Measurement and stimuli cards
  • Relay cards
  • Special measurement cards
  • Test software
  • Programming
  • Debugging
  • Additional customer-specific subjects